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You’ve found the free download of ‘Silver Set of Bones’, from Karl Culley’s new album Phosphor. Melding Karl’s spinning wheel guitar figures with shimmering piano and psaltery from Giles Perring and Simon Edwards, and the lightning rod of Ash Johnson’s bass, to a taut vocal and haunting urgent lyric, this track is a great preview of the other treasures to be found in Karl’s newest recording, which you can find out about here.

We are offering two audio formats, a handy MP3 that’s portable and tidy, or, for the audiophiles, a crystal clear 24 bit FLAC. You can pick one of these, or you can have both.

You just need to leave us with a name and email address below, which we’d like to use to share other news and information about Karl, the things Sound of Jura does, and the other artists we work with. We won’t be doing anything else with it.

If you like this tune, and you want to get the album, we’ve set up a page where you can by the CD straight from us here. You can also buy Phosphor as a download from iTunesAmazon UK and reputable outlets in other territories. We’d love it you shared this links with your friends, and let them come and get a download fro themselves, and we’d really be chuffed if you’d like Karl, and Sound of Jura on Facebook.

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